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CNET Live - Episode 13 - Show Notes

Brian Cooley and Tom Merritt welcome the game controller-powered band, The Guitar Zeros,k plus more of your calls.

Big thanks to The Guitar Zeros who rocked the house today with their Xbox controller powered musical prowess.

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Things we Crave

Iconic computer innards as art

Outdoor lighting that sounds good

Insider Secrets

Spencer wrote Maynyrd writes to cnetlive at - "I am looking for a tip or trick to use my music as ringtone. I got the drivers, the USB cable, and the memory card, and actually uploaded my songs on to the memory card in my phone. But I cannot, figure out how to use them as my ringer. I feel as though I'm the child who has spotted the cookie jar, gotten up to it, even opened it, with hand inside, but no cookie. Please tell me there's chocolate chip in there."

Make your own ringtones

Special guest, The Guitar Zeros.

Download of the Week

RealPlayer 11 Beta.

First Look

Kent German and Donald Bell review the iPhone.

Your calls

Keep the Mac Book running on an external monitor with the lid closed.

DVI to component video adapter.

Jason He identifies the mouse software causing Brian's mouse-whacking mystery. Congrats on the fleece Jason!