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CNET Live - Episode 11 - Show Notes

Get all the links from CNET Live featuring Rafe Needleman and the Webware 100.

Man this show went fast! I can't beleieve how the time is flying. Not to mention I can't believe we've already done 11 episodes. It still feels new. Well here are all the links from today's show. Enjoy.

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Things we Crave

Dueling jet packs

Cubicle periscope

Insider Secrets

Thomas writes, "I need to get rid of my old iPod Mini but all my songs are on there. How do I get my songs off so I can put them on a new music player like the iRiver?" If you have DRM'd music on there you bought from the iTunes music store, you can only play it on another iPod or a computer. But we'll show you how to get all your music off the iPod in today's Insider Secret."

Get your tunes off your iPod Special guest, Rafe Needleman talks about the Webware 100.

Download of the Week


First Look

Rolls Royce Phantom.

Best of the Web

Webware 100 of course Your calls

Make Windows Vista Aero Glass run on Mac's GMA950 by changing the driver..

Get the prices and speca for the MacBook Pro and MacBook.