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CNET Live - Episode 10 - Show Notes

Kent German and Donald Bell join the show to help cut through the iPhone hype.

Another great show. No, really. I really felt that. At least until the blog tool crashed and I had to start these show notes again. From scratch. I will use Notepad from now on, I tell ya.

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Things we Crave

Best pool table ever

Best projector ever

Insider Secrets

Craig writes, " I heard something about third-party software for the iPhone coming out. Then I heard it's not really software but Web sites. So what's the deal? Will I be able to get apps for the iPhone from people other than Apple?"

Steve Jobs talks about third-party apps Special guests, Kent German and Donald Bell of dissect the iPhone.

Download of the Week

Safari Web browser for Windows.

First Look

OS X Leopard.

Best of the Web

Internet in your car Your calls

Make Windows look pretty much any way you want.

Turn your Palm device into a universal remote.