CNET launches 'Second Life' presence

SAN DIEGO--Since we here at CNET have spent much of the last year covering the ever-evolving world of the metaverse, "Second Life," and in particular some of the companies that have set up shop there, it seems only fitting that we note the opening of our own presence there.

On Tuesday night, with a minimum of fanfare, CNET launched its "Second Life" space.

And we're particularly proud of this launch, as it means we are one of the very first mainstream media organizations to have a functional and permanent space in "Second Life."

Although not as elaborate as some of the corporate initiatives being opened, CNET's space, which was designed by the firm Millions of Us, is a fully functional facsimile of the company's real-life office building in San Francisco.

And when I say fully functional, I mean that it looks a lot like the real-life building and includes an amphitheater, office space and attractive outdoor patio.

For the time being, the space will be used for a series of interviews with virtual-world luminaries, and as a forum for CNET reporters to come and talk about stories we've written.

Over time, however, CNET hopes the space can be used for reviewers to talk about products they've tested, as well as for any number of multimedia projects, including the posting of CNET videos, meet-ups and other events.

Stay tuned for more information, and feel free to drop in on the space if you have a "Second Life" account (the link highlighted here requires an account).

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