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Desktops's Media Center Superguide examines exactly what Media Center has to offer you. examines exactly what Media Center has to offer you.

Microsoft today officially launched its Media Center OS into the Australian market at an event at Domayne in Alexandria. The OS, which is a subset of its core Windows XP operating system, offers integrated multimedia functionality with a particular eye towards TV viewing, something that's been something of a holy grail for many computer manufacturers.

Media Center OS
Want to know what's under the hood of the latest iteration of Media Center?

Media Center 2005 -- What do you get?
Looking for a quick lowdown on what you get with the Australian version of Microsoft's brand-new Media Center 2005 OS? Look no further.

Media Center PCs
HP MCPC Series

HP MCPC Series
HP includes lots of nifty extras in their Media Center PCs, including Media Card slots and optional storage bays.

MC 2 Optima

Optima MyPC MCE PC
Optima's MyPC MCE PC is an all-in-one computer and digital entertainment unit, powered by Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) 2005.

MC 2 Optima

Toshiba Qosmio
The Toshiba Qosmio is the first notebook to market in Australia with Windows XP Media Center onboard.

Acer Aspire T620

Acer Aspire T620
Acer's previously offered Media Center-like PCs -- how does their actual Media Center PC itself work out?

Want more from Media Center?

Creative Zen Portable Media Center

Creative Zen Portable Media Center
Want to take the Media Center experience totally portable? Then Creative's Zen Portable Media Center should be what you're looking for.

Why Microsoft's Media Center is stuck on the edge
Microsoft wants Media Center to bring drama to your living room. It will get more of that than it bargained for.