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CNET.co.uk Podcast Beta 2 -- This time it's mobile

Check out the latest CNET.co.uk podcast, in which we dismantle Motorol's Slvr, drool over the Celestron SkyScout, and put hard-drive based camcorders on trial

The latest CNET.co.uk podcast gets all mobile as Guy Cocker, Rory Reid and Chris Stevens, along with special guest star Rupert Goodwins of ZDNet.co.uk, take a look at some of the latest developments in consumer tech.

They check out Motorola's newest phone, the Slvr, to see whether it measures up to Moto's hugely popular Razr, and also take a look at the UK's first hard-drive based mobile phone from Samsung, the SGH-i300. Camcorders with hard-drives go on trial, as they decide whether this new technology really is the future of home movies. Chris and Rupert also get the chance to fall in love with Celestron's SkyScout, a magical device for amateur astronomers.

The podcast is a work in progress, so we'd love to get your feedback. Anything you adore? Anything so bad you want us to take a vow of silence and never, ever, speak again? Send your thoughts to podcast@cnet.co.uk, and we'll consider sending you a gift of enormous sentimental value.

You can access the fancy RSS feed with pictures and chapters using your podcast software./> For example, if you use iTunes, simply open up iTunes, then click on the top menu item, 'Advanced'. Then click on 'Subscribe to Podcast'. You can then enter this link http://podcasts.cnet.co.uk/CNET_co_uk_Podcast.rss there and you'll be subscribed to the podcast. 

If you want to grab it as a plain old MP3 file, right-click here and in Internet Explorer choose 'Save Target As'. -MP