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CNET CES roundup: Samsung's bendy Youm and 110-inch TV

Vote for your favourite gadget of CES 2013 and check out Samsung's flexible screen tech and mammoth 4K TV.

Samsung has been mysteriously quiet in terms of big splashy product launches at this year's CES -- instead it's opened our eyes to some fascinating new tech concepts.

Rumours of flexible screens have been circulating for a while now, and Samsung's finally proved there's real substance to the whispers by treating us to a glimpse of Youm, its yummy new bendy display.

Youm is a flexible OLED display that Samsung demonstrated by slicking it across the front of several 5-inch devices. For a closer look, hit play on the video below.

Samsung sparked the fashion for super-sizing phones, and now seems to be applying its 'go big or go home' strategy to TVs. Not content with current TV sizes -- and bearing in mind it already launched an 85-inch set earlier this week -- it's now unveiled a prototype 110-inch 4K TV. Don't expect to see the larger model in shops this year, but its gorgeous little brother should be on sale sometime in 2013.

Another thing that caught the attention of tech luminaries was the Pebble Watch, deemed one of the more promising wearable gadgets at the show. A major early Kickstarter success, the watch has an E-Ink display and can sync with your iOS or Android device to show messages that have been sent to them.

Dell has shown off the $499 Latitude 10, one of the first tablets to run proper Windows 8 and not cost the earth, providing some much-needed competition to the extortionately priced Surface Pro. Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 -- that tough stuff your phone screen is likely made of -- and's foto.sosho iPhone case have also popped up, allowing us to put our hands and cameras on them to make sure they're real fo' sho'.

Unfortunately for, the foto.sosho doesn't quite qualify for outlandish Apple accessory of the day award, in spite of its kooky fullstop. That honour goes to the iPotty, a combined toddler toilet and iPad holder designed to help parents with the tedious task of potty training. No hard feelings, eh, Will.i? Perhaps take comfort in the wise words of our old friend Albert Einstein, who said, "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

Speaking of awards, CES is beginning to wind down, which means the time has come to start handing out the for-real accolades (not just ones we made up for our own entertainment). The Best of CES Awards are organised and doled out by none other than your favourite tech site. Nominees have now been announced, but there's also a People's Choice category, in which you, dear reader, being one of our people and all, should go and vote.

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