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CNET CES Awards: Razer Edge wins Best of Show, People's Voice

The winners of the CNET CES 2013 Awards have been announced, with the Razer Edge scooping the Best of Show and People's Voice Award.

In the roundup to end all CES roundups (for this year at least), let us recap the winners of the Best of CES Awards, which were announced last night and recognise all the most exciting and innovative products unveiled in Vegas this year.

The Razer Edge, a Windows 8 gaming tablet with a panoply of peripherals, has been proclaimed the best product of CES 2013. Its family of accessories open up different usage modes and lets you play full-blown PC games practically anywhere.

It's unusual for gaming hardware to be such a huge deal at CES, but this year has seen Nvidia giving us a peek at Project Shield, and now a gaming device has scooped the most prestigious of tech accolades.

The Edge was the not only our favourite gadget of the show, but yours too. Its second rosette of the day was emblazoned with 'People's Voice', which it received along with a complimentary bottle of Blue Nun and some book tokens. Hit play on the video below for a closer look at this supreme piece of gadgetry.

Phones have been few and far between at CES, but the YotaPhone really caught our discerning eye. Forget all those samey smart phones with their powerful innards and startling displays, the YotaPhone challenges the Android status quo. It has two screens -- one standard LCD and one E-Ink display -- making it handy for reading and looking at maps on the go without draining all the juice.

Best TV of the show went not to any of the prototype tellies we've seen, such as Sony's 4K OLED, or Samsung's gargantuan 110-ich set, but to a slightly smaller Samsung model. I say slightly smaller, but the UN85S9 4K/UHD TV is still an 85-inch bit of glass, which is bigger than most people require for their lounge. Still, we were impressed by its winning mix of 4K screen and smart TV technology.

Windows 8 has really set the cogs a'whirring in the minds of PC manufacturers as they grapple with ideas about how to best take advantage of the touchscreen capabilities of the new software. It's all been slightly hit and miss so far, with few computers really proving the Windows 8 machine of our dreams.

Lenovo's 27-inch Horizon Table PC has really caught our attention though. This attractive all-in-one has a battery and can lie flat, which when combined with its custom touch software and some unique accessories, meant it easily scooped our best PC and tablet award.

Wearable fitness technology is becoming increasingly popular, and this year even has its own award category. The winner, Fitbit's Flex, is a discreet health tracker worn on your wrist, which syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0. It sprinted to victory partly because it works with Android devices as well as iPhones, which gave it an advantage over its rivals in our eyes.

We're massive fans of 3D printing at CNET, so no surprise then that the CubeX 3D printer won the best emerging tech award. Winner of the networking and storage category was the Seagate Wireless Plus. It lets you carry a whopping 1TB of content with you on a compact device and has an impressive 10 hours of battery life. Last, but not the least bit least, is Vizio's S4251W 5.1 Soundbar, which was victorious in the home cinema and audio category.

What do you make of our winners? Are they worthy? Spill your opinions in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.