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CNET awards Nook Touch Editors' Choice

After spending a bit more time with the new Nook, we're ready to award it an Editors' Choice.

After further review, the new Nook gets the EC nod. Barnes & Noble

We reviewed the new Nook back on June 1 and gave it high marks, calling it arguably the best dedicated e-reader on the market--at least at this moment. However, we wanted to use it a little longer before making a final decision on whether it deserved an Editors' Choice Award.

Well, now that we've played with it for several days and also reviewed the Kobo Touch Edition (it also received high marks but isn't quite as polished as its competitors), we feel comfortable tagging the "all-new" Nook with an EC. At the same time, the Kindle and Nook Color retain their Editors' Choice designations.

Not often do we have three Editors' Choice products in a fairly small category, but each of these e-readers has its own strengths, and while the Kindle currently doesn't have a touch-screen interface, it offers extras like MP3 audio playback, text-to-speech (with certain books), and a price tag as low as $114.

For better or worse, we suspect that in the not so distant future, e-readers will all look very similar and perform about the same. But for now at least, there's some modest differentiation between the products, which keeps things interesting.

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