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CNET asks: Would you give Amazon the keys to your house?

Amazon will be offering a new service to deliver packages inside your home. Would you sign up for this service and give the delivery person access to your front door? We want to know.

Let me ask you this: how many times have you ordered something from Amazon and worried about the package that's been dropped at your front door getting stolen? I know I have, especially on more expensive items. In fact I have had a couple of my packages stolen right off my front porch. Now what if Amazon offered an in-home delivery service -- where, when you make an Amazon purchase, you can opt for an in-home delivery, allowing the courier one-time access to your home via a smart-locked door?(Having a smart lock on your door is the one big prerequisite for this service.) During delivery, the courier would use the access key via an app and leave your package safely inside -- Ta-daaah! No more worries about your Amazon package being stolen.

If that sounds ideal, Amazon just announced Amazon Key, which takes deliveries to a new level, right inside your home. Check out the video to see how it will work.

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Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? I know the idea of allowing a delivery person to enter your home to drop off a package is a bit frightening, but with this new service there will be a security cam available to monitor the delivery in real time when it happens. Does that addition monitoring service settle your paranoia? 

Is Amazon Keys something you would sign up for? Hit the poll and vote -- let's see where your opinion stands with others. Got a comment about this service and the reason why you would or wouldn't sign for the service? Hit the comments section and share your thoughts with us. The mike is in your hands.