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CNET Asks: Are you ready for Venom?

The alien antihero hits theaters this week! How excited are you to watch him on the big screen?

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Venom is here and he's hungry for trouble.

Marvel fans have eagerly awaited Venom's return to the big screen ever since his appearance in Spider-Man 3. Now we're getting what we asked for with his own feature film, albeit from Sony and not Marvel itself. The trailer shows the body of journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) forcibly taken over by the gooey alien symbiote. 

Is he good? Is he evil? Possibly both. We'll have to wait for the movie -- in theaters this Friday -- to decide. Will Eddie Brock put up a fight against the alien goo's hunger for flesh?

Are you all as eager to see Venom in action as we are? Check out our poll below and share your excitement for Venom's first solo film.

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