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CNET and VICE's Motherboard team up to tour the future

We’re thrilled to introduce our four-month partnership called Dear Future, where we’ll surprise you with our investigations and predictions. We’re going to weird and wonderful places.

It's true: VICE's Motherboard and CNET are partnering up. Call it a tech journalism tango or a love affair of the minds, but it all adds up to exciting stories ahead.

CNET and VICE's Motherboard are teaming up to show you the future.

Lara Heintz/Motherboard

Starting today, we're launching an original series called Dear Future. We kick it off with a fascinating piece on the future of brain-controlled computers (yes, real computers you'll manipulate with your brain) and will continue throughout the fall with pieces that shine a light on major innovations shaping the world around us, including space travel, internet freedom, the ethics of genome editing, the future of transportation, the wild frontiers of virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence and, just maybe, some inside information on how humans will speak to aliens.

While we've somehow gotten used to impossibly thin TVs, pocket-size supercomputers, and a worldwide network capable of connecting Mumbai and New York instantaneously, Dear Future is a series built on the premise that technology and science are still capable of wowing us. Think science fiction, but today -- we'll point to a present that is far more technologically advanced than most of us realize. Incredible leaps in innovation aren't some theoretical thing down the road, they're literally happening all around you right now. If you take a look around, embed with the right communities or enter the right laboratories, you'll realize we're living in a vision of tomorrow right now. 

We'll warm up with a series of written pieces and we'll add videos to the mix later this fall to give you the kind of inside look at the future that only Motherboard and CNET could create. Our crews will let you visually explore the stunning and startling future that technology promises our world.

You'll be able to find all our work on both CNET and Motherboard starting today. Of course we'll tell you when we publish new installments through all the usual social channels, so make sure to follow along because this is a glimpse at the insanity of the future that you won't want to miss. Your brain and your future-you will thank you.