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Cloudy skies? Not in the Americas? Watch the total lunar eclipse here

If you can't see this week's total lunar eclipse in the sky above you, you can still watch it online.

You can watch this go down with us. Fred Espenak/NASA

For 78 minutes or so late tonight or in the early morning hours of Tuesday on the American continents a total lunar eclipse will turn the moon a shade of dark crimson.

This is a great opportunity for some rare and dramatic night sky watching, unless of course, there are clouds in your local forecast, or you're on one of the huge land masses that's not part of the American hemisphere.

If that describes your situation, never fear, Crave has your back. Just bookmark this page and come back once the celestial show has started: You can watch via the embedded video below, courtesy of the awesome people at the SLOOH Community Observatory who will be reporting from the Prescott Observatory in Arizona.

While you're here, chat up other eclipse-obsessed geeks in the comments section below or on Twitter. We're @crave and @ericcmack.