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Cloud-storage Box boosts its upload speed

The Dropbox competitor says it can transfer files up to 10 times faster than before, thanks to a home-grown method for easing the strain on overloaded servers.

Data transfer

Box, the cloud storage company that serves companies including LinkedIn, McAfee, and DirectTV, launched a service today that is suppose to make file transfers from the cloud up to 10 times faster.

The Box service lets businesses and individual consumers store their files in the cloud, much like competitors Dropbox and Google Drive. But Whitney Bouck, Box's general manager of enterprise, said that Box's new feature puts it ahead of other cloud offerings.

"We basically have the fastest cloud on the market," she said.

The new feature, called Box Accelerator, is a home-grown method for easing the strain on overloaded servers, and it's rolling out to Box's worldwide network. The new service, which won't cost extra, determines which sever within a network will transfer information the fastest based on how busy the servers are, Bouck said. For example, if a user is in Paris and the server in Paris is overloaded, Box will reroute the information to Germany to get quicker results.

Bouck said tests have shown faster uploading times, ranging from two to 10 times the speed. Although Box created this service mainly for the companies it serves, consumers will also benefit from the technology as it will be applied to all Box accounts, Bouck said.