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Cloud-hovering in a superhero suit

Phoenix-Fly calls the Vampire 2 wingsuit, which incorporates 3D CAD, "the most advanced wingsuit the world has seen to date."

If you're gutsy enough to skydive or BASE jump, you might as well go the whole nine and do it looking like a superhero.

Vampire 2 wingsuit

Phoenix-Fly is out with a new wingsuit, the red Vampire 2, that has a distinctly William Katt in Greatest American Hero look while promising to maximize your glide and delay your freefalls.

The company calls the getup, which incorporates 3D CAD (computer-aided design) "the most advanced wingsuit the world has seen to date." The suit boasts revolutionary new materials and all kinds of enhancements to make you birdlike: new shoulder inlet technology that offers faster inflation and better pressurization of the arm wings; a larger, wider leg wing to provide stable flight with more speed and more lift; and an improved back deflector design for a cleaner airflow over the back of the suit.

The Vampire 2 costs $1,250, but hey, would you really want to scrimp on the only thing that's standing between you and the pavement down below?

(Via BornRich)