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Clothing line features images from experimental games

EGPApparel links T-shirts to experimental games and gives the games away for free.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a story about a company called Edoc Laundry and its line of clothing that featured a built-in alternate-reality game.

On Friday, I read about a new line of T-shirts available at Target that feature images from experimental games and which come with free CDs on which are the games themselves.

Boing Boing blogger Cory Doctorow wrote about the new shirts Friday, and it reminded me of the Edoc Laundry experiment, which, while innovative, never quite took off.

A new line of T-shirts that features images from experimental games is reminiscent of Edoc Laundry's clothing line with a built-in alternate-reality game. Edoc Laundry

Apparently, the new T-shirt line comes comes from a company called EGPApparel, and each individual shirt has an image from one of the games developed under the Experimental Gameplay Project, in which participants have one week to create an all-new game all by themselves.

As a promotion, the shirts come with the games the images are based on.

What's striking to me about this is that people are still pursuing the idea of putting original game-related content on clothing. I love the idea, especially when the imagery isn't something everyday folks will recognize.

In the case of the Edoc Laundry line, I've been seeing clothes ever since I wrote about it that remind me of the company's products but which ended up being just something that looked similar. And in the case of the EGPApparel clothes, I suspect these, too, will begin to take shape in many, many outfits that I see, few of which will actually be legit.

And as posed on Boing Boing, the very idea of taking images from obscure games and using them to sell clothes is rather fun. I don't know that it will end up doing much for the designers of the games, but it's worth trying.