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Clothes that grow with your child? See futuristic inventions

Think there's nothing left to invent? The James Dyson Award honorees might just change your mind -- check out the clothing that grows with your child.

Sometimes, it feels as if there's just nothing left to be invented. Hasn't everything already been thought of? After all, we even have self-driving cars now.

Think again. The James Dyson Award honors some of the most creative creations made by college students and recent graduates in design and engineering. More than 20 countries participate, with national winners and runners-up named, and the winners from each country competing internationally.

National winners and honorees were just announced on Thursday, and the winners will compete for the overall prize in October.  Dyson himself is a British inventor of note, famed for his bagless Dyson vacuum.

Past international winners have included a paper bicycle helmet, a portable inflatable incubator and a bionic (yes, bionic) arm.

Honored inventions this year include the Australian national winner, a revolutionary cancer treatment device, the American national winner, a cup designed for those with Parkinson's disease, or a visual impairment that makes pouring and drinking difficult. But perhaps the winner drawing the most attention is the national winner from the United Kingdom, a line of clothing that actually grows with your child.

Check out the gallery below to see some of the winners.

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