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Closet Couture gives you a virtual closet with real clothes

Closet Couture lets you put photos of your wardrobe onto a mannequin to figure out what to wear. You can also turn to a virtual stylist to tell you what clothes to buy.

Closet Couture is a new shopping site meets virtual closet aimed at women. Its killer feature is that it's got a network of stylists that can improve your look for a fee. They take a look at your picture and virtual wardrobe and tell you what to buy.

The virtual wardrobe actually looks like quite a bit of fun. You upload pictures of your clothes and the site lets you remove the background. You can then stretch the clothes out on a virtual model. This works with clothes you own and clothes you might want to purchase, so you can mix, match, then buy what you don't have with the site getting a small cut.

This is not an easy task if you've got a big closet. Where it comes into play is for the stylists, who can take a look at what you've worn and get a look at your tastes. Or if you're bored at work and want to start putting together something to wear.

The idea of virtual closets is far from new. Several other sites have tried to socialize fashion and the results have been mixed. One of my favorites out of the bunch was Closet Assistant, (coverage) which does kind of the same thing (minus the mannequin) but puts the responsibility of telling you what to wear on other users instead of paid professionals.

Closet Couture previewed today at the TechCrunch50 conference and will be in private beta for the next few months.

The virtual closet in Closet Couture lets you put together something to wear with a virtual you. Andrew Mager / ZDNet

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