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Close Quarters expansion for Battlefield 3 looks insane

Call of Duty, we need to talk. Why can't you look like this?

Hold on to your butts. DICE/EA

Those who adore a symphony of gunfire and explosions should pay close attention to the upcoming Battlefield 3 downloadable content pack Close Quarters.

Due this June, this four-level package seems slightly different than Battlefield expansions of old. Close Quarters (for PC, Xbox 360, and one week earlier on PS3) feels and looks like a scene you'd normally expect from a Call of Duty release.

The tight-knit, destruction-filled vertical maps in the explosive trailer below may leave you breathless at times. Players will undoubtedly find it tough to resist firing off salvos of rockets at one another in these settings.

Even more madness comes to Battlefield 3 in June. DICE/EA

Speaking of aesthetics, the maps look extremely realistic. Several of the playing areas include luxurious living spaces and regal restaurants full of opportune debris and shrapnel. Confrontations may look like ticker tape parades during the middle of a match, thanks to the fully destructible environments (you can literally destroy almost everything). Start praying now that your video card can handle the insanity of dozens of objects flying in the air as the inevitable grenade spam commences.

Other new features include 10 weapons, 5 dog tags, 10 assignments and a fresh way to play that "mixes team play and instant action," according to game developer DICE. The Battlefield blog mentions other new game modes for Close Quarters, but doesn't go into specifics.