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Cliq and Droid to get Android 2.1

The Motorola Cliq and Droid soon will get updates to the Android OS.

LAS VEGAS--In addition to its new Backflip Android phone, Motorola also announced updates to its other Android handsets at a CES press conference Wednesday night.

The Cliq is the biggest winner. Currently running on Android 1.5, the Motoblur-equipped device will jump past Android 1.6 to 2.0. Though Moto CEO Sanjay Jha didn't say when the update would take place, it's a welcome change to what we consider to be one of the better Google Android devices around.

Over at Verizon Wireless, the Droid will get Flash 10.1 for the Web browser and a maintenance update that will incorporate customer feedback on improving the device. Jha didn't elaborate on specifics or timing, though he said at the Nexus One announcement earlier this week that the Droid should update to Android in the near future.