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Clinton blocks part of his own site

This is one case where the technology-savvy Clinton White House believes that online information may be too accessible.

The technology-savvy Clinton White House is afraid that the Internet may be making information available too freely to its political enemies.

Sections of the official White House Web site have been subjected to the wrecking ball in an attempt to prevent Republicans from using them against the administration, according to a report in today's San Jose Mercury News. The deleted sections included digital audio of President Clinton's radio addresses and an index of his speeches, which the report says presidential advisors fear could be used by the opposition to document policy shifts or by pranksters to produce Web sites lampooning the chief of state.

Determined Republicans and others could get the same information from other sources, but the administration apparently doesn't want to hand it over to them in a neat digital package that can be easily replicated and potentially tampered with.