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Climbing suitcase: In case there's no elevator

A rubber belt designed as a continuous track covers the entire body of the luggage on both sides so you can pull it from both front and back.

Climbing UP suitcase
Woo Moonhyung
Climbing UP Suitcase
Woo Moonhyung

Ever had to lug your luggage up a few flights of stairs? Not exactly a welcome task after a long flight. If so, you'll be happy to hear about the Climbing Up Suitcase by designer Woo Moonhyung.

A rubber belt designed as a continuous track covers the body of the luggage along its two sides, which makes it easier for the entire suitcase to touch the stairs--and to be pulled from both front and back.

The suitcase has a hard-shelled body (you know, just in case you drop it down those stairs in a fit of travel exhaustion), and it opens and closes with a digital lock for maximum security.

The Climbing Up was among the design concept award winners in the 2008 international competition for the Red Dot Design Award. Hopefully for those who travel to stair-intensive sites, it'll move beyond the concept phase soon.

(Via I New Idea Homepage)