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Click Frenzy: too polished to deliver the goods?

With so many major retailers lined up so carefully together for Click Frenzy, will any be willing to offer deals worth fighting for?

With so many major retailers lined up so carefully together for Click Frenzy, will any be willing to offer deals worth fighting for?

I'm all for frenzied cyber sales over in-store equivalents. I've never felt the urge to enter physical combat with the elderly in search of a good deal on a fridge. But I'll click "Buy Now" on a great deal, and still feel excited if my click beats someone else's to the punch.

Will Click Frenzy deliver the goods?(Internet online shopping image by Elnur, Shutterstock)

As the hour approaches for Australia's first effort to deliver a "Cyber Monday"-style online shopping extravaganza, I just wonder if Click Frenzy is going to be a lot more bark than bite. We're being assured of great deals, and the line-up of retailers is truly impressive. But where is the advanced notice of the deals we can expect?

Our US counterparts have run numerous galleries detailing some of the best deals on offer as part of Black Friday sales. Over there, the retailers are trying to prove why their store will be the best place to click. The deals are always limited, so you need to do your research and target the deals you want to have a crack at. You must choose, and pray that you choose wisely.

With Click Frenzy, we are offered a sign-up-only affair. Deals are being centralised through the Click Frenzy website, and are searchable by category, brand, etc. It seems so polished and so civilised. But there is nothing polished or civilised about the US-equivalent sales. Is that a mark of their too-good-to-be-true bargains being worth crashing servers for? Or are we just a better class of people who run a better class of online frenzy?

Any organised promotion of local online retailing can only be a good thing. Australians do like to buy from overseas juggernauts. If this single event can woo buyers to test out Australian online stores, it might encourage these sellers to work harder to keep us buying local.

In the end, here's to the promise of Click Frenzy. Let's just hope it gives us enough value-to-attention ratio that it becomes something we look forward to every year. Right now, we can only hope for the best, wait for the curtain to pull back and see how the show turns out.