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Clever soy-sauce dishes make for edible optical illusions

Would you like a side of optical illusion to go with your sushi? Just pour some soy sauce into a special dish.

Soy Shape dishes

These soy-sauce dishes will tease your mind.

Duncan Shotton

The only thing better than a fun optical illusion is a fun optical illusion you can eat. Tokyo product designer Duncan Shotton created Soy Shape, a collection of soy-sauce dipping dishes that transform the savory brown liquid into classic optical illusions. The secret is in the layers built into the dishes. Deeper sections make for darker colors.

When filled with soy sauce, one of the dishes appears to become a stack of three 3D boxes. The other illusion is known as the impossible triangle. Also called a Penrose triangle, it's an M.C. Escher-style object that looks like it couldn't exist in the real world.

Soy Shape is up on Kickstarter to raise funds for production, and the finished product will be made in Japan from ceramic. Some of the original prototypes were initially created using a 3D printer. It took two years of development to get Soy Shape to the crowdfunding stage.

Soy Shape topped its funding goal and has 13 days left to run. A single soy-sauce dish goes for a pledge price of around $20 (£15, AU$26). Keep in mind that not all crowdfunding projects deliver on time and as expected, but if Soy Shape launches successfully, you could be dipping your unagi into an illusion at your next sushi night.

(Via Spoon & Tamago)