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Clearwire's iSpot targets Apple crowd

The WiMax service provider unveils the iSpot, a personal 4G hot spot with dedicated support for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

Clearwire iSpot
The Clearwire iSpot personal hot spot. Clearwire

Clearwire is rolling out a 4G hot spot designed dubbed the iSpot to appeal to Apple users.

The WiMax service provider on Wednesday launched the iSpot, a personal hot spot with dedicated support for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. In many respects, the Clearwire move makes a lot of sense. Most Apple plans are tethered somehow to AT&T. Clearwire is looking to tap into disdain for AT&T among Apple users to poach a few accounts.

How does the iSpot support Apple gear? Clearwire said the iSpot is made exclusively for Apple devices with a casing that blends in with the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. ISpot users can share access with up to eight Apple devices at once.

The iSpot will run you $99.99 with a monthly service fee starting at $25 without contract (statement).

Aside from the different color, the iSpot doesn't look much different than its PC hotspot, which is black. The one rub for the iSpot is that it only offers 4G coverage. Bottom line: If Clearwire isn't in your city the iSpot's use will be limited.

This story first appeared on ZDNet's Between the Lines blog, under the headline "Clearwire targets Apple crowd with iSpot."