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Clear intros 4G mobile hot-spot router with unlimited data plans

Clear announces a new 4G mobile router called Clear 4G-Apollo that offers mobile Internet access to up to eight Wi-Fi devices at a time.

Clear introduces the 4G-Apollo mobile hot-spot router from Clear. Clear

Of all 4G mobile Internet access devices, the Clear 4G+ modem is arguably the best deal. It's neither the fastest nor the cheapest, but it offers consistent performance (as tested around California) and, most importantly, comes with affordable unlimited data plans.

Unfortunately, as a modem, it provides Internet access only to the single computer it's plugged into. Now that's about to change. Clear announced today the Clear 4G-Apollo, a mobile router that offers similar 4G Internet access to up to eight Wi-Fi clients.

Like all mobile hot-spot routers, the Apollo connects to a cellular wireless network by itself and shares the connection via its built-in wireless access point. This means Wi-Fi clients such as laptops, game consoles, or even smartphones can get connected conveniently. Clear also claims that the Apollo's built-in battery offers up to six hours of continuous usage.

Similar to the 4G+ modem, Clear says the new Clear Spot 4G-Apollo will offer consistent 4G download speeds in the range of 3Mbps to 6Mbps with bursts of up to 10Mbps. It also comes with an unlimited data plans that start at just $35 per month with no contract required.

The mobile router is slated to cost $99 to buy and $6 a month to lease. It will be available by the end of July.