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Clean up your kitchen cloths

Dish rags and other kitchen cloths can contribute to clutter on your counters, but the Kitchen Cloth Holder can get them out of the way.

The Kitchen Cloth Holder Magisso

Keeping kitchen cloths accessible, but still out of the way can be a problem: unless you're prepared to have them hanging over the faucet, there aren't a lot of places to put a damp cloth. Magisso has changed that, though, with the Kitchen Cloth Holder. The holder adds a bar to any sink, letting you hang your clothes out of the way--and out of sight. The Kitchen Cloth Holder is held in place by two strong magnets: the first goes inside your sink, attached to the holder itself. The second goes outside your sink, underneath your cabinet. There's no need to alter the sink, and the magnet system won't scratch your sink during the installation process. Once you've added the Kitchen Cloth Holder to your sink, you'll never be at a loss for where to put your kitchen cloths.

The Kitchen Cloth Holder comes in three versions: a curved stainless steel model, a straight stainless steel model, and a curved plastic model. Each is made from materials that won't decay despite constant exposure to water. It's also easy to remove the holder. The different versions of the Kitchen Cloth Holder range in price from $19.95 to $49.95.