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Clean up without chemicals

The Tersano Lotus Sanitizing System cleans food and kitchen surfaces without introducing any dangerous chemicals to your dinner.

The Tersano Lotus Sanitizing System Tersano

Keeping a kitchen clean enough to actually eat from can be harder than it seems: many of the cleaning chemicals that are considered standard for sanitizing a kitchen are harsh or can even trigger allergies. The Tersano Lotus Sanitizing System avoids using chemicals entirely, using an ozone method to decontaminate food and surfaces. The system works faster than bleach, without the awful smells of bleach--and it's approved by both the FDA and USDA. The Tersano Lotus Sanitizing System kills up to 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria and is safe even if you suffer from allergies or sensitive skin.

The Tersano Lotus Sanitizing System includes a base unit, a multipurpose bowl and lid, a trigger spray bottle, two microfiber cloths and a booster cartridge. Between the bowl and the bottle, you can clean just about anything in your kitchen. The system uses ordinary tap water, which is processed with air so the water receives an additional oxygen atom, and spare oxygen atoms turn into natural oxidants that act as the sanitizing agent. The Tersano Lotus Sanitizing System can be used to sanitize orthodontic retainers, baby toys, and a variety of other items. The system is approximately $170.