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Clean-energy integrator Standard Renewable gets $7 million more

Company hopes to build a nationwide network of solar installers.

Standard Renewable Energy, which wants to build a nationwide chain of dealers that can install solar panels and advise businesses and homeowners on saving energy, got $7 million in a second round of funding.

The company also said that Peter Corsell, CEO of smart grid specialist GridPoint, joined the board.

Standard, Conergy, and Solar City are trying to bring more standardization and brand equity to the energy efficiency field. Back in the '70s, and still today, solar installers were mostly independent dealers and contractors. Some, such as Berkeley's Sun Light and Power, established strong reputations. Others weren't so hot.

Consistency will help make consumers more comfortable with alternative energy. Along with services, these companies also sell, or help facilitate sales of, equipment. Standard and rapidly growing Solar City are start-ups, but Conergy is an established company coming from Germany to the States.

CEO John Berger used to run Enron's East Coast trading desk. The company wasn't involved in the shenanigans that occurred in California, but the old job always is good for a few laughs, he says.