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Classic movie script ebooks released, packed with extras

Warner Brothers has released classic movie scripts as ebooks, crammed with pictures, diagrams and tasty tidbits.

Warner Brothers has released a series of classic movie scripts as ebooks, crammed with images, diagrams and facts to please movie buffs.

Impressively, the digital scripts are available on Amazon's Kindle store, which means you can also read them on iOS devices via the Kindle app. If you fancy going through Apple's digital book shop they're also on the iBookstore. In the US, the scripts will be available for the Nook ebook reader.

So far Ben Hur, Casablanca, North by Northwest and An American in Paris have been given the treatment, which the scripts' editors describe in a foreword as "a challenging assignment".

I downloaded a sample of the North by Northwest script and was impressed within a few pages by the design diagrams. There is also a list of possible ad-libs for Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint to deploy during the famous Mount Rushmore scene, including witticisms like, "We should have taken the escalator down".

I think this is an excellent idea, and I'd love to see other movie studios release similar collections. If you're the kind of person whose ideal evening in features a mug of hot chocolate and the IMDB trivia page, these collections will tickle your fancy. I took a look at the Kindle edition on an iPad too, which is also looking dandy.

All are currently listed on Amazon with a Kindle price of £5.11. That's no small change, but if you love getting behind the scenes on movies, or if you never got around to watching the likes of Ben Hur or Casablanca but want to get all the Simpsons references, these could well be worth a look.

Will you be giving these scripts a go? Which is your favourite classic movie? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.