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Classic cool: Superhero style goes noir

An artist strips all of the fancy colors from superheroes, and the results impress.

A sneak peek at our superhero noir gallery by Marko Manev. Marko Manev

Ever feel like the modern superhero seems a little too gaudy in its presentation?

Marko Manev, a 27-year old freelance artist in Macedonia, drew up a series of images that cast superheroes in a new (or perhaps visually more simple) light: noir style. Manev told Crave he found inspiration for the series from the video game Limbo, a puzzler full of black and white aesthetics and eerie overtones.

"As for the inspiration for the posters, well it comes from mainly the heroes themselves," Manev said. "Those are some of my favorite superheroes and I wanted to make silhouette posters in their most archetypical poses. I love using silhouettes in my art because they are more striking, like statues of a pantheon."

Many familiars from DC and Marvel comic books appear in the images by Manev, such as Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, and several others. Click on the gallery below to see more of these muted vigilantes.