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Class up your emojis with the NYPLEmoji Twitter bot

A new Twitter bot designed by the New York Public Library responds to emojis with relevant selections from its vast array of old images.

Screenshot by Luke Lancaster/CNET

Try tweeting an eggplant at @NYPLEmoji and see what you get in return.

Created and curated by New York Public Library reference librarian Lauren Lampasone, the Twitter bot will respond to any emoji tweeted at it with a surprisingly relevant image from the library's extensive archive.

The Jack O' Lantern, for example, returned a vintage Collier's magazine cover. The eye emoji got a Mario Bettini science drawing in return. The poop emoji gets a look-in too, of course.

You can see the full source code for how the bot works, if you're so inclined. Otherwise, you can just revel in the database of curated pairings for whatever emoji you want to fling at it.

The bot's been hard at work for around a month, generating some 8,000 replies in that time. So get ready to lose some time scrolling through the feed.