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Claris rebuilds FileMaker, Home Page

Software maker to announce new versions of its FileMaker Pro database package and Home Page Web authoring application.

Apple subsidiary Claris next week will announce the newest versions of its FileMaker Pro 4.0 database software package and Home Page 3.0 Web authoring application.

Both products allow those who know little about Web authoring to publish databases on the Web and to design pages.

FileMaker Pro for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, and Mac OS lets users publish databases and related data files without having to employ CGI (common gateway interface) scripting or Web server software, according to the company. A free, time-limited beta version is available for download from the Claris home page. The package will ship in October at $199, with an upgrade price of $99.

Home Page 3.0 is designed to provide users who know nothing of HTML, the language of the Web, a way to design and manage their own pages. At the same time, the tool supports more sophisticated Web design features like tables and multiple frames, Java and JavaScript, and class libraries that allow drag and drop editing. Home Page also includes automated connectivity to FileMaker databases. It is priced at $99, with an upgrade cost of $49, and scheduled for general release in December.