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Clarion puts a little color in the dash

Car stereo maker adds--gasp--colors to new line.

Akihabara News

Even in the face of monumental change in the automotive industry, it's amazing how conservative automakers can be sometimes. While they've focused increasingly on electronics and entertainment systems to differentiate their products, built-in stereo receivers still look pretty much the same as they have for the last decade.

Not the latest line from Clarion. The car electronics veteran is in some ways breaking its own mold with boxes that look more appropriate in the kitchen than the dashboard. Not only are they departing from the standard black and silver, as is made plain by the photos on Akihabara News, but one model is actually white with peach accents (gasp and double-gasp).

Some have suggested that the system even has an '80s look to it, which might make sense coming from Clarion. This is, after all, the same manufacturer that's peddling something of a retro CD player for a scooter.