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Civilization VI finally says G'Day to Australia

Australia, Civilized at last.

The Digger from Civilization VI.

Sid Meier's Civilization

Australia! It's time to shake those saved up dollarydoos out of the giant boot that serves as your piggy bank. Civilisation is getting an Australian DLC!

Best of all, the game's creators have finally answered the question we've all been asking: Is an Australian Prime Minister cool enough to star in a video game?

Yes, kids. Yes he is.

Sid Meier's Civilization has been letting history buffs play ruler since 1991, and we've seen the Opera House in-game before, but the sixth edition of the turn-based strategy game is the first to feature a full-blown, ridgy-didge version of the country.

Who better to lead Australia in Civilization VI than the 14th Prime Minister and leader of the country during WWII, John Curtin? He'll bring you extra production at the start of a defensive war, as well as a charming Aussie hat and fob watch on your screen.

Unlike the real Australia, where the coasts are filled with baby boomers who abhor high-density units, Australia's cities in Civilization will have the unique ability to get extra housing when built on coastal tiles, while the "Digger" unit will get additional combat power on these tiles and when fighting outside their territories.

Australia's Unique Improvement: the Outback Station

Sid Meier's Civilization

Australia also gets a Unique Improvement in the form of the Outback Station, which provides food and production, with bonus food for adjacent tiles and the ability to take adjacent tiles from other civilisations. Just like that time we annexed New Zealand!

From the early teaser trailer, it looks like Australia will be all about the coasts -- as well as a version of Canberra that looks much too fancy for landmarks like Lake Burley Griffin and the Illumicube.

The DLC will come to Civilization VI as part of the Australian Summer 2017 Update. The update will also bring multiplayer functionality (letting you team up with mates to go against other players or AI) as well as the addition of Steam Workshop, which will act as a central-hub for player-generated mods and content.

For more on the update, check out this Civ VI video, which definitely doesn't sound like it was made by a US grade school student trying to get extra credit in Antipodean History class.