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Civilization 6 has more than one leader per civilization

Greece is the first civ with an alternative leader, who has her own unique ability.

A feature that the post-Civilization IV games has left out is multiple leaders per civilization. That changes in Civilization VI, which 2K and Firaxis today confirmed with the announcement of a second leader for Greece.

In addition to Pericles, who was announced in September, Greece can be led by Gorgo. Aside from simply looking different, Gorgo features her own unique ability, Thermopylae. With this, Greece gains a Culture bonus from killing or destroying an enemy in combat. Specifically, it gets 50 percent of the defeated unit's base strength in Culture. She also has her own distinct likes and dislikes.

"Gorgo seeks glory in combat, therefore she will never give up items in a peace deal," Firaxis explains in a blog post. "She prefers civs who haven't yielded in a peace deal and dislikes any civ who has surrendered in a peace deal or any civ who has never engaged in war."

2K Games

What isn't different from Pericles are the unique unit (the Hoplite) and district (the Acropolis) Greece has access to when led by Gorgo.

That multiple leaders are returning for Civilization VI doesn't come as a complete surprise. There have been indications previously that players discovered, such as in-game text that references an American unit that is available only when a specific leader is playing.

We'll presumably hear more about the alternate leaders in the days to come, as Civilization VI's launch draws quite near. It's due out for PC on October 21.