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Citysearch's new service to better target local ads

The local-business directory is combining its extensive ad network with SEO services from OrangeSoda.

Citysearch, the local-business guide that competes with Yelp, has added search engine optimization services to its ad network to help advertisers better target their campaigns.

Released Monday, CityGrid Complete adds an SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) layer to the CityGrid advertising network that was launched in January. CityGrid works with over 500,000 advertisers to distribute ads to over 140 million unique Web users on over 100 Web sites.

The new SEO and SEM layer comes through a partnership with Web marketing firm OrangeSoda.

Citysearch has also launched a Web-based tool that will enable advertisers to monitor and manage their campaigns.

CityGrid Complete didn't come without some business dealings. IAC/InterActiveCorp-owned CitySearch announced on Monday that it has invested an undisclosed sum in OrangeSoda.