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CitySearch gets new look, video listings

CitySearch gets a makeover and some new video content.

CitySearch is unveiling a newer, darker look this morning. Gone are the white and blue, which have been replaced by themed city pages, and a glassy, rounded look. The review and directory service has undergone some usability tweaks as well, including dropping the 1-to-10 rating scale in favor of a simpler five-star model and simplifying the look and feel of the home page.

CitySearch is also launching a new part of the site called My CitySearch, which keeps track of your recently searched-for establishments, and gives you recommendations based on your ratings.

The most exciting change to CitySearch's pages, however, is the inclusion of video content. Select listing pages will now feature a brief introductory video from business owners or employees. Each spot runs about a minute and is directed by TurnHere, the travel and hospitality Internet video production company. Several videos are also hosted by CitySearch's editors.

Currently, there are 700 videos in the top 10 cities, with more on the way later in the year. There's currently no way to upload your own video to the service, something that's being done fairly successfully over at MojoPages [review]. Instead, CitySearch is using videos as more of a general overview for local hot spots.