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Citrix strips XenSource of virtualization, open source...everything

Citrix seems to be playing weird games with its XenSource acquisition.

Just what did Citrix buy when it bought XenSource? As Dana Blankenhorn analyzes, Citrix appears to be in a dead sprint to remove any and all value from open source, virtualization buzz, etc. that it may have acquired when it bought XenSource:

And now, a quarter after the deal was closed, Citrix officials have indicated that they will use the hot XenSource branding, but de-emphasize its identity as a virtualization company. Citrix's flasgship Presentation Server has been renamed to XenApp Server, a fitting title considering its function as an application delivery platform. But it has no XenSource code.

Citrix either got completely snowed in the acquisition or, much more likely, it's getting pressure from its bosom-buddy, Microsoft. What it's not getting is much value for its $500 million.