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Citizen Brick's 'Breaking Bad' Lego set makes toy meth

"Breaking Bad" play set from Citizen Brick is crafted from more than 500 pieces, including a Walter White minifig and a complete meth lab. As you may have guessed, this isn't an official Lego release.

"Breaking Bad" Lego set
This Lego set may be best suited for adults. Citizen Brick

It turns out that the Lego "Breaking Bad" video game parody wasn't too far off from reality. Citizen Brick has released a Lego Superlab Playset with minifigs and a detailed meth lab. As you've probably gathered by now, this isn't an official Lego release.

The set contains more than 500 pieces, including three custom minifigs. You get a scowling Walter White, Gustavo Fring, and Mike Ehrmantraut. You'll have to provide your own Jesse Pinkman. The set costs $250 and requires an extra 2-3 weeks for delivery because of the complexity.

The wait time and cost may be well worthwhile. The set includes some impressive details, including a surveillance camera, lockers, a skull-and-crossbones poison sign, chemical drums, canisters, and other assorted meth lab equipment. It's sure to provide hours of imaginary meth-making fun.

"Breaking Bad" just started its final run, with the most recent episode racking up an impressive 5.9 million viewers. At least a few of those are bound to be Lego fans. It's a good thing we have a resource like Citizen Brick that is willing to go where no official Lego release dares to tread.

"Breaking Bad" Lego set
Live out your Walter White role-playing fantasies in Lego form. Citizen Brick

(Via Laughing Squid)