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Citigroup continues to see glitches at Web sites

Last week Citibank customers couldn't log on to check their accounts. On Monday holders of Citigroup's credits cards are blocked. Company says the outage shouldn't last long.

Glitches continue to trouble Citigroup, as the financial-services company said Monday that some credit card customers were unable to access their accounts via the Web.

Reuters reported that an undisclosed number of Citicard owners could not access the card's online account service. This is the second such malfunction of one of Citigroup's sites in a week. Citibank saw intermittent outages to its Web site last Tuesday.

Reuters was not able to determine when the outage began.

The company issued a statement to the news service: "This is a temporary interruption and we anticipate that the site will be back up in the next few hours."

Citigroup is the largest company in the world with $2.2 trillion in assets.