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Cisco: 'We're going to compete with HP'

The expected launch Monday of servers from Cisco will be notable because of its partners--including EMC and Microsoft--as well as the product details.

This was originally published at ZDNet's Between the Lines.

The wraps are off the worst-kept secret in the tech industry: Cisco Systems' move into blade servers. But what's interesting is that Cisco isn't being shy about how it wants to compete with Hewlett-Packard.

As expected, Cisco will launch its foray into blade servers, but The Wall Street Journal has an interesting take. The paper notes how former partners are now trying to nail each other as the tech industry matures.

The Journal quotes Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior saying:

We're going to compete with HP. I don't want to sugarcoat that. There is bound to be change in the landscape of who you compete with and who you partner with.

HP also has its own networking gear that could ultimately threaten Cisco.

That's why Cisco's Monday launch will be notable because of its partners as well as the product details. IBM is teamed with Juniper. Brocade bought Foundry Networks. And Cisco's blade launch will include partners such as BMC, EMC, VMware, and Microsoft.

From here out you can view the tech industry in terms of tectonic plates shifting without any lubrication. You'll have a handful of cash rich giants vying for market share and new growth markets.

The good news is that this big scrum is likely to mean better pricing for customers.