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Cisco scoops up Jabber

Network equipment giant buys "open standards" messaging company, not mentioning the open-source factor. Terms of the deal, likely a small purchase for Cisco, are undisclosed.

In a sign that open source has truly gone mainstream, Cisco Systems forgot to mention that Jabber is an open-source messaging company when it announced the acquisition of Jabber on Friday.


Indeed, the real news centers around Cisco's growing battle with Microsoft over collaboration, as Larry Dignan points out over at ZDNet. Open source? That's just necessary plumbing, apparently. Indeed, even Jabber hardly mentions open source throughout its Web site, preferring instead to focus on "open standards."

This is appropriate, since Jabber has never been about 100 percent open-source solutions. The company uses open Jabber technologies, but its products are not necessarily open-source.

The terms of the deal were undisclosed, but I suspect that this was a very small acquisition for Cisco. Jabber makes great technology, but I've never heard of it making a great business from it. The only customer it appears to have announced in 2008 is the U.S. Marines.