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Cisco responds to OpenSSL security flaw

Cisco Systems issues response to vulnerabilities in open-source security software OpenSSL.

Cisco Systems on Friday issued a security advisory regarding the use of open-source security software OpenSSL on several of its products. Cisco's advisory follows one issued in October by the OpenSSL Project, which noted that the vulnerabilities could lead to a malicious attacker launching remote code against users' systems.

OpenSSL is an open-source version of secure sockets layer, or SSL, encryption that is used by a number of Web browsers to secure data transmission over the Internet. Cisco's advisory noted that six of its product categories can be affected by the flaws: ASA 5500 and Cisco Pix running 7.x software; CiscoWorks Common Services versions 3.0 and 2.2; Cisco Mainframe Channel Connection PA-4C-E, PA-IC-E, PA-IC-P, CX-CIP2 tn3270 server; Cisco Global Site Selector 4480, 4490 and 4491; Cisco Wireless Control System Software and CiscoIOS-XR.