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Cisco plays traffic cop

Cisco may help unclog overloaded Web sites with an electronic traffic cop.

Cisco Systems may help unclog overloaded Web sites and open them up to more users with a new tool released today that functions as a site traffic cop.

Cisco LanDirector, a hardware and software package, distributes traffic across multiple Web servers that all use a single IP (Internet Protocol) address so that no single server gets backed up. The software manages incoming traffic and assigns it to the most available server.

As network traffic grows, site managers can add Web servers, or reconfigure existing ones, through LanDirector to minimize site down time. The tool also helps to balance loads so that a single Web server isn't overwhelmed by a sudden surge in traffic.

The tool also allows network managers to add or delete Web servers from a domain and simplifies management of multiple servers under a single IP address. LanDirector is priced at $32,000.

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