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Tech Industry

Cisco in deal for broadband gear

The networking giant teams with broadband equipment maker Cabletel to provide standards-based networking equipment and services to broadband users.

Networking giant Cisco Systems and broadband equipment maker Cabletel are teaming to provide networking equipment and services to broadband users.

Together with Cisco, Cabletel will provide its broadband customers with Cisco's Internet networking products, including its universal broadband routers.

Cabletel will market Cisco's Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) standard equipment, the companies said.

The DOCSIS standard aims to make cable modems compatible with any cable network, in hopes of increasing the spread of cable modem technology.

Many consumer electronics companies now offer certified DOCSIS-compliant cable modems, which soon will be available widely in retail stores, Cisco said.

Cabletel is a distributor of broadband equipment to the Canadian television and telecommunications industries.