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Cisco buys into push company

The networking company makes an equity investment in Tibco, a software maker specializing in push middleware.

Cisco Systems (CSCO) continues to make strategic investments in companies it sees as complementary to its overall vision.

The networking hardware kingpin's latest equity investment is in Tibco, a software company owned by Reuters that specializes in "push" middleware. Cisco did not disclose details of the investment.

The companies had previously developed an alliance to incorporate Tibco's push technology into Cisco's Internetworking Operating System (IOS), a suite of software services that resides on Cisco's networking hardware. The two are also part of push technology standards efforts.

The move follows Cisco's purchase of Internet access technology provider Telesend in an undisclosed stock swap and an equity investment in wireless LAN (local area network) technology provider RadioLAN. The company made both investments in March.

Cisco's recent interest in a variety of networking-related software companies is predicated on an attempt to make its IOS software the "de facto" standard for network infrastructure services. IOS provides the intelligence in Cisco's line of routers and communicates with other network-attached systems through support for a variety of communications protocols.