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Cisco aims for intranets

Cisco aims for a chunk of the intranet applications market with a ready-made Web publishing tool for small businesses and remote offices.

Cisco Systems (CSCO) is continuing to expand its role on the Internet.

With the company's routing products carrying the majority of data flowing across cyberspace, it's only natural that Cisco wants to provide applications and gear such as its new Micro Webserver Web page publishing and information sharing appliance.

The Micro Webserver lets small businesses, remote offices, or corporate networks publish information in HTML over intranets. The product is intended to be an out-of-box, easy set-up package for the creation of small intranet applications.

The product includes an Iomega (IOM) Zip Drive with 100MB of memory for data or application storage. The Micro Webserver is available now for $995.

The company also announced Cisco IP/TV, a suite developed by Precept Software that lets users run video and audio streams of data across existing Internet Protocol switched networks. The product uses multicasting technology, which minimizes network resources by sending one stream of multimedia information to an unlimited number of users, rather than multiple streams for multiple users. IP/TV is available immediately at prices starting at $3,500.