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Cisco adds Yahoo chief to board

The network equipment maker adds Jerry Yang, 31, co-founder of the uber Web portal, to its board along with its own chief financial officer.

Cisco Systems has added a Chief Yahoo to its board of directors.

The network equipment maker added Jerry Yang, 31, co-founder of uber Web portal Yahoo, to its board along with Cisco chief financial officer Larry Carter.

Yang, who also holds the title "Chief Yahoo" at his firm, joins Carter, 55, and a high-profile list of board members.

Yang and Carter were elected to the board in June of this year, raising the number of board members to 12. Former Cisco chief executive John Morgridge remains the company's chairman.

Carter has been the CFO at Cisco since 1995.

The board also counts Cisco chief executive John Chambers; Carol Bartz, chief executive of Autodesk; James Morgan, chief executive at Applied Materials; Arun Sarin, chief executive at InfoSpace; Donald Valentine, general partner at Sequoia Capital; and Steven West, chief executive at Entera, among others.