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Cingular to sell Treo 680 on Nov. 24

Palm's latest version of the smart phone finally has an official release date.

Palm Treo 680

The Palm Treo 680 will debut on Cingular Wireless as we're all recovering from gorging ourselves on turkey and stuffing.

It's official: beginning November 24, you can get yourself a Treo in a color besides boring graphite or arctic blue because now you can choose crimson or copper, too. (Oops, that rhymed. Sorry.) The lowest-cost Treo yet, it is priced (with a contract, of course) at $199.

The smartphone was officially announced on October 12, prompting speculation as to which carrier would have first dibs on it. I'll remind you all that fellow Crave expert Bonnie Cha called it back then. If you'd rather not go the Cingular route, you should know that preorders are already being accepted for a $399 unlocked version from Palm's online and retail stores.